Thursday, September 19, 2013

Last few days in Playa Palo Seco

I wanted to start out with a an excerpt from an assignment I had to turn in today for Spanish class:
Yo llegue a Costa Rica hace tres semanas. Yo estoy estudiando sobre los arboles, los parajos, plantas, y cultura de Costa Rica en esta viaje. Me gusta mucha mis nuevo amigos, la playa, y la comida de Costa Rica. Yo estoy triste porque salimos el sabado. Yo voy aqui otra vez algun dia. Esta noche es el final noce a buscamos las tortugas. Yo espero encontramos una!!!

My teacher said that I did great! Here is the rough translation:
I came to Costa Rica 3 weeks ago. I am studying about trees, birds, plants and the culture of Costa Rica on this trip. I very much like my new friends, the beach and the food of Costa Rica. I am sad that we leave on Saturday. I will come here again one day. Tonight is the final night we look for turtles. I hope we find one!!

We are going to the beach in about two and a half hours to look for the turtles. I have been praying that we find one! Last night our search on the beach was so fun. We got to walk with Miss Cecelia, a great American woman who has been working with turtle restoration for 8 years here. She was great.
Also, I have really broken out of my shy shell here and have been having a great time! Last night I even made up a song about turtles in Spanish and some of my friends are the background singers. We are thinking about making a music video--and our guide Marcos loved it! Something great that has happened to me here is that I am now no longer afraid to sing. A group of my friends strongly encouraged me to sing in front of the group last week and although it took me a while to mentally prepare, I did it! They all loved it and I have been getting requests ever since then. Now it is almost nothing for me to just sing. It feels great! Also the other day my friend said that they had never seen someone as great with kids as me--I was touched. What a great compliment! I sure do love kids; and I am so happy to be around all these positive people.

Yesterday we went on a great Mangrove tour which I would definitely suggest to anyone that travels to Costa Rica. I wish I could post a picture of one because they are so cool. They are basically trees that grow in a swamp. Some are tall and some are short but they all have multiple roots that emerge from the water in a sort of twisty fashion and when branches from trees touch, they fuze together to make the tree stronger. They are very pretty. Also during our tour we saw a silky anteater, "Halloween" crabs, Albino crabs and White Faced Capuchin monkeys. The monkeys got so close to us and one of them had a teeny tiny baby on its back! Our guide said that it couldn't have been more than a week old. It was absolutely adorable. I wish I could've held it. Seeing that was a time when I really missed my camera and phone! But it was just great to see either way. We also saw a Mangrove Boa Constrictor that was huge.

Tonight is our second to last night in Costa Rica! I am sad to leave but excited to get home!

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