Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last morning in Costa Rica

In the last few days in total, we walked nearly 20 miles to look for sea turtles and we never saw one. It was kind of a disappointment-My teacher keeps saying that he is so sorry and that if anyone deserves to see one it is me! But it's okay, I'll probably make a stop at Petco when I get back to Seattle and spend some time with the turtles there. haha! On the brightside (and I think I already mentioned this) I made up a great song in Spanish about turtles and taught it to everyone! Last night at dinner we sang it in the restaurant and it was so fun. Even afterwards people were singing it, which brought me great joy.

To end my blog, I am so happy and blessed that I was a part of this trip in Costa Rica. I was really nervous to come, but I had a beautiful time here. The motto of Costa Rica is Pura Vida (Pure Life) and now at the end of the trip, I finally get what it really means. We actually went around in our group last night talking about our "pura vida" moment. Basically it is just being free, getting out of life what you make it, breathing deep, enjoying nature, and living in the present moment-just to name a few examples. One of my Pura Vida moments was on Thursday when we went to the beach at Manuel Antonia National Park. The ocean was so calm and beautiful; I swam far as far away from the shore as I could and I felt so content and happy. Like I always say, water is my soul food. I just love it!
This whole trip was living a "Pura Vida" for me and I am so grateful for that. Before I came here I was very stressed and on a tight string, so a few of my goals for my time here were to be less uptight and to enjoy every moment. Through a lot of prayer, I was fortunately able to do those things and many others and I feel great about it. I am very at peace and my spirit is light. I just hope that I am able to maintain this as I arrive back in Seattle and back into the swing of my busy busy schedule. That is my new goal!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who read my blog and sent me emails, notes or comments along the way! I really appreciate it and am so glad that I was able to share a part of my trip with you 

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  1. Keep maintaining; in fact replenish my love! Pura Vida! <3