Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Recap of the last couple days

For the last couple days we have been at home stays! I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to do so because it was such a great experience. We have been staying at hotel after hotel so it was refreshing to be placed with a Costa Rican family and get to know them and some of the culture of Costa Rica. I was SO happy because our house was the only house with kids at it-which is what I was really hoping for! There was four of us that stayed at our house.

Our host mother's name was Dona Marielos and her husband was Don Oliver. Two of their five kids, Cesar and Wendy lived at home with them, and their other daughter Marianella lived about a mile down the road and has the two little ones, Jeremy and Amanda. It was so fun to get to know this family. Some highlights/interesting things about our time: our family (and us) would go to bed on average around 7 or 8pm and wake up at about 5am. Every morning we had breakfast, coffee time and dinner together which I really enjoyed. Coffee time was my favorite, except she gave us lots of pan dulce so I will have to work that off now! Outside of the kitchen window was a little hummingbird nest with two babies in it! We were able to stand on a stool and look right at them, it was very cool. On Sunday we went to mass with our host family and Dona Marielos kept saying how excited she was to show off all of her daughters, we took pictures before and after and for the first time on this trip we looked nice! (haha)

Overall, this trip has been great but very exhausting. We are working really really hard and doing so much stuff (that I'll have to write more on later). I am actually sort of ready to come home even though I am enjoying it here. Some of the people on this trip are starting to get on my last nerve and I am getting pretty nervous because Thursday we leave to go on a 13 mile hike! We have now moved on to the Osa Peninsula which is the hottest and most humid place that we have been....so I don't know if I will make it. I am already tired just thinking about it! Plus we will be spending two nights on the trail so we have to carry around our huge packs with anything we might need in it. Anyway...if I make it, it will surely be a miracle! If not, thank you to all my family and friends. I love you! I am so tired that I'm sure this doesn't even make sense, but I'll try and post again soon. <3

Still can't post pictures--

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