Sunday, September 1, 2013

Santa Maria

Today was a fun day! We traveled to Zona de Santas (Zone of the Saints), an area of land where all of the towns are named after Saints. We are staying in Santa Maria at the cutest place called Cecelia's Cabinas. In my room there are three of us and we each have our own bed! It's great. We ate lunch at Dona Alma's house and it was so delicious that I almost cried. Maybe it was also because I was starving...but either way I am going to miss her food. She was the sweetest lady too, and she seemed so happy to feed us.

Coffee plant at the plantation (see the coffee cherries?)
My Amaretto Frappacino.
Muy bueno!
After lunch we went on the Dota Coffee tour, and learned all about the COOPEDOTA coffee company. It was so interesting to learn about the full process of how coffee is made, from the beginning stages where it is just a small coffee cherry all the way to when it is in a cup right in front of us. Besides bananas, Costa Rica's main and most sustainable export is coffee. You have probably had a Costa Rica blend from either Peet's, Tully's and sometimes even Starbucks. The coffee making process is a long, but most of it is done by machines until the final beans are roasted and from there there is a whole other process of testing the different roasts and tastes of each batch. There was way more into coffee than I thought. At one point we actually got to go on the plantation and pick ripe coffee cherries to suck out the honey and find the beans. At the end we got to go to the cafe and order any drink we wanted. I got an Amaretto Frappacino and it was so good!!!

Later we went to Dona Alma's again for dinner and again, it was delicious.
Comida de Dona Alma
(Casado-if you remember from yesterday-rice and beans,
beef, plantains, avacado and vegetables!)
This time we got to meet some of her family too, so that was nice. I was overjoyed when she brought out her grandson and let me hold him. I have been dying to have some contact with kids...they keep me going and are so special to me. I noticed that kids here are a lot different than the ones in Ghana. Ooh I might tear up talking about my babies from over there....I love them and built great relationships with them, and I miss them to this day. In Ghana, kids would always speak to you and be so excited to see you. Here I have tried to speak to a couple kids and they don't talk, they just stare..maybe I'm weird to them. But oh well! Tonight I got "my day in the sun". Kind of. The baby wasn't overjoyed to see me or anything but it was still nice!

After dinner we had a surprise night hike. I wasn't thrilled about it at first, but then I remembered my goal of not being uptight and just went with the flow. It ended up being so fun! We saw a tarantula, a giant moth, a lizard, caterpillars, spiders and a slug.
We went up to a pretty high altitude so even though it wasn't too cold, we could see our breath. Once we finally got to the high point, we stopped and looked at the stars and they were beautiful. My good friend Rocio helped me throughout the hike with my Spanish and by the time we were on the way back down, that's all I was speaking. I had a blast! I can't wait to keep practicing it. My body is exhausted...and at the end I told Rocio, "Yo soy vieja! Mi duele todo mi cuerpo" (I am an old lady-I hurt all over my body), but it was so much fun that it was worth it. I am looking forward to our future night hikes and comparing the different things that we see and hear within the different climates. Tomorrow we leave bright and early for Savegre! Who knows what will happen there, I will just (try to) go with the flow :)

Lots of pictures today!
 My roommates and I were rolling on the flow with laughter about this one!
But I will not be defeated by any insect!! I refuse!

Two of my favorite things-basketball and bananas. 

Muchos avacados 

Coffee testing

Loved my Amaretto Frap

Our teacher said, "we found a small frog" haha!

Rocio and I with Dona Alma. Such a sweet lady.

Before the night hike!


Pretty flowers

Coffee everywhere!

A cool old piece of art

interesting flower

Me at Cecilia's Cabinas

one of the machines from the Coffee Plant

Rocio and I with Gaby, our coffee tour guide. She was really nice.

A Tico Cemetary (They don't like to be buried underground)

Each coffee cherry contains two beans

Best for last-Little Diego and me...I was really happy as you can see!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who follows my blog. It is actually a lot of work because we already have so much to do so I have to stay up while everyone else is asleep to get it done. So I really appreciate it! And if you have any comments or questions, please press the "no comments" link and it will direct you to a comment box where you can write anything you'd like. I'd love to hear from you.

P.P.S. Thank you also to everyone who has written me little notes over the past couple days wishing me well and reminding me to enjoy every moment. Your words run through my head every day and remind me. Thank you!!


  1. So interesting about the coffee! I had no idea there were little beans inside of a "cherry". Looks like you're learning a lot :)


  2. Club just know that I am dyinnnnnnng laughing at that pic of you in that sleeping bag!!! Thanks for keep up this blog! I feel like I'm right there with you in Costa Rica!!!


    1. Shay!! Thank you so much for reading :) hahaha and that picture is hilarious, I'm glad it made you laugh too!!