Monday, September 2, 2013


Today we traveled two hours to our resort in Savegre. It is so beautiful. It seems perfect for an extravagant honeymoon! Yep..that's how fancy it is. Our rooms here are nice and big and this time there is only two of us to a room which is great. Soon after we got here we did a hummingbird study where we sat near a feeder and watched all the different hummingbirds come and eat from it. We had to distinguish what species each one was using our bird book, and then we had to note which species were dominant. We also sketched the hummingbirds and then colored them with color pencils. I thought my sketches were horrible but our teacher said they were excellent (hopefully he wasn't just being nice). I forgot to mention that on the way to Savegre we traveled on the Pan-American Highway, which runs throughout Central America. Then when we got close we stopped to look for the famous Quetzal bird and were fortunate to spot three! I never thought I'd be excited about a bird, but it was actually pretty cool. 

Tomorrow morning we are getting up EARLY to do some more Quetzal spotting. Most of today has been pouring rain and freezing (it is the rainy season over here), but hopefully tomorrow morning it will be warm for a few hours. We also will be hiking to a waterfall nearby. I am really looking forward to getting some sleep tonight, I've had a headache all day today so I am pretty tired. 

Pictures from today: 

Our beautiful room!

This hummingbird flew into the window...we thought it might die but
our teacher warmed it up for a minute and then it flew away. Yay!


Nice picture at the hotel

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  1. Sounds so romantic ;) hehe I'm sure your sketches were top notch! Now go out & find a nice Costa Rican!