Sunday, September 15, 2013


Well..I made it!! What a miracle! We are back at our hotel and back in the land of civilization now, which I am very happy about. We walked just about 40 miles over the last four days. We traveled to the Sirena Ranger Station in Corcovado National Park which is 13 miles in the middle of nowhere and then spent three nights there exploring and getting to know other visitors a little bit. A couple of us also swam on two of the days and gave ourselves a spa treatment with some mud that we found, haha!
We saw about six tapirs (which resemble an elephant, just smaller, with small ears and about half a trunk), We also saw lots of birds, anteaters, coati's, crocodiles and monkeys! Since this rainforest was in a less disturbed area than the other ones we have been hiking it was a little different. For one example, the monkeys here were very aggressive towards us because they aren't used to humans, where monkeys other places may not pay us any mind. It was interesting. 
The 13 mile hike in on Thursday did not go well for me. I had so many unfortunate things happen to me between Wednesday night and Thursday morning that I was on the brink of tears even before the hike. It took 7 hours to get to the ranger station and the whole time I was so grumpy and had a horrible attitude so I feel bad. But after the first day I was fine and back to my normal self. On the second day a small group of us decided to hike to a swimming hole to cool off. My friend Bernie was taking a while to get ready so I offered to wait for her while the others headed out but once we finally started going she realized that the shoes she was wearing wouldn't work for the trail so she decided to go back. I really wanted to go so I kept going and just hoped that I would catch up. I could see the group ahead of me for a while but after a huge incline I lost them. So I ended up doing the whole trail on my own and then once I finally got to the river my people weren't even there! I figured that they walked up to where it was shallower but I didn't see them and didn't want to lose the trail so I just decided to go in on my own. The river felt incredible and after a really hard day the day before it was just what I needed. Like I wrote before, water is my spirit food, it really rejuvenates me. It was just me out there in the river, and it was pretty cool. I saw a river otter too that kept walking up a rock and then sliding down it into the river, it was really cute. 
I met two great couples that were staying at the Ranger station too. One couple was Tim and Veronica who are from Australia and Argentina and met in London. They have been together ever since then and have been living in Costa Rica for about a year now. They took the same trail that I took to the river and they ran into an ocelot! That was probably the coolest thing that I heard about anyone seeing. They said that they had a stare down with it and then it ended up running off. Pretty cool. I'm so glad that I didn't run into an ocelot on my way back because I wouldn't have known what to do!
The other couple that I met was Dia and Mike. I was so happy about Dia because she was African American. I hadn't seen another person that looked like me since I've been here so it was great getting to know her. I could tell that my group didn't understand why seeing her made me happy, but they don't realize that our kind stick together! She of course totally understood and we connected right off the bat. She is from Colorado and has been traveling around South America for a few weeks and will continue to do so until she runs out of money. We got a nice picture together and she gave me her facebook info so I can find her on there. I'm always happy to make a new friend:)

We left the station today at 4:30am to get most of the trail done before it got too hot. The hike back seemed so much easier than the hike in! I think somewhere in all of our hiking I pulled a muscle in my behind and it hurrrrts but I will stretch. I was just praying and praying and praying throughout every hike and I am sore and blistered and bruised but I am here...all thanks to Jesus. On the hike in I was the last one to come through and today I was the first one! The swimming, and my prayers and my new friends put a little pep in my step. Now I think any hiking we do will seem like a piece of cake!
Our time in Corcovado was fun but mostly exhausting. I can't wait for the plane rides back because I will finally be able to get some good sleep! Yayyy~ 1 more week left!
I don't normally drink and tonight I had a pina colada to celebrate and I wasn't ready for its force. It's very much time for bed! Tomorrow is a free day for once, so hopefully I will get up and do something relaxing :)

Oh and I forgot to give a special shout out to my good friend Bernie for rubbing my back today, that always makes me feel better. Thank you dahlin! 


  1. OMG you are a champion just like Rocky! So proud of you girl! I knew you could do it!
    Glad you enjoyed some alc (pina colada), a little every now and then will cure the pain ;)hehehe Can't wait to hear from you! Love and miss you so so much!

    1. Thank you so much doll!! Your comment about the alc is so funny, it definitely put me right to sleep so I guess it did cure the pain hahaha :) Miss you and LOVE YOU too.